There Are Now 150 FIDO Certified Products on the Market

The number of FIDO Certified products has jumped 50 percent in a single quarter, the FIDO Alliance has announced. There are now 150 such devices on the market.

50 Percent More FIDO Certified Products in One Quarter

It’s a sign of continuing and escalating growth for the FIDO Alliance, a cross-industry consortium seeking to define and improve standards for identity authentication. Commenting in a statement, FIDO Alliance Executive Director Brett McDowell asserted that the 50 percent uptick “in just three months is further evidence that the FIDO specifications are increasingly accepted as the new standard for strong authentication technology.”

McDowell also noted the strong presence of products from companies based in the Asia Pacific region, which seems to indicate that its recent Korea-based interoperability testing event generated some strong interest in FIDO standards.

Along with high-profile new members such as eBay, this growth further heightens the FIDO Alliance’s reputation as a standards setter, which could help to give it more clout as it moves beyond the industry discussion and seeks to help shape public policy on identity and authentication issues.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)