1Password Upgrade Points to Rise of Biometrics

Touch IDThere’s a new update available for the 1Password iOS password management app. Among its improvements is enhanced Touch ID functionality, a clear indication of the growing importance of biometric authentication.

With the new update, iPhone 5S, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air 2 users will now be able to sign in via their devices’ Touch ID fingerprint scanners. The unlock time limits on the 1Password app and its extensions in other apps have also been unified now, allowing users to access more apps within the same timeframe without having to constantly re-enter passwords. The update also improves the Apple Watch experience by remembering the PIN codes associated with the credit cards stored on the device.

While these are relatively minor enhancements in the grand scheme of things, they do point to a couple of interesting trends. One is the growing importance of biometric authentication, with users apparently coming to expect Touch ID convenience on their Apple mobile devices; while there are always concerns about potential spoofing, the enhanced 1Password Touch ID functionality seems to indicate that the app’s makers – or at least its users – feel that the convenience is worth any such risk. The upgrade also points to the growing prominence of the Apple Watch; again assuming that the improvements reflect user demand, it appears that enough users are trying to use 1Password on their smartwatches to merit some UX enhancements.

Source: 9to5Mac