2014 was “Watershed Year” for Mobile Fingerprint Sensors

2014 was "Watershed Year" for Mobile Fingerprint SensorsMarket research store Research and Markets is now offering a new report on the Fingerprint Sensors Market in Smart Mobile Devices. Surprising no one, the report finds that 2014 was, according to a synopsis, “a watershed year for fingerprint sensors in smartphones and tablets.”

That’s largely because of the pioneering work of Apple Pay and Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor system built into all new mobile Apple devices. Apple’s mPayment platform helped to make the fingerprint sensor an essential component of any major smartphone, with many rivals following suit. And that use of such biometric authentication systems in mPayment platforms will continue to be a major market driver going forward, as more mPayment platforms launch and consumers adopt the technology into the mass market mainstream.

Going forward, the report suggests that more than half of all smartphones will have fingerprint sensor technology by the year 2019, when it will be a multi-billion dollar market. The APAC region is expected to overtake North America as the dominant region in the market this year, and globally, the integration of this technology into smartphones “is reaching a critical mass”.