OBJE Acquires Novalon Games In Pursuit of Mobile Biometric Entertainment Boom

OBJE announced today that it has fully acquired Novalon Games: a game development portal responsible for the mobile games Phantasmic  and  Creature Cavern. Novalon Games began last year as a joint venture between OBJE and Source Street, LLC., but the former has become full owner in its aggressive posturing as it takes aim at what it predicts to be a $66 billion global gaming industry.

OBJE CEO Paul Watson talks strategy: “In the coming months, we plan to dramatically increase the size of the development team and gaming portfolio at Novalon Games as we implement our new business strategy in the booming global gaming market.”

Last week OBJE made its intentions known, announcing that its other game development company Obscene Games is working with EA and Activision to bring biometrics to the mobile gaming market with player experiences that feature lie detection and the measurement of metrics indicating a level of fear and suspense.

Watson continued: “This acquisition is only the first of what we expect to be many as we strive to build a robust portfolio of engaging new content that can help us more effectively leverage emerging technologies such as biometrics, utility gaming apps and other monetization models to capitalize on the explosion in gaming across the globe.”

OBJE’s insistence that the next generation of mobile games will feature biometrics in gameplay is in line with a trend in the console market. Microsoft’s new entertainment system, the Xbox One, which is set to launch in a few weeks, will ship with the Kinect motion capture camera which not only allows for automatic player sign in via face recognition, but  also the same game functionality that OBJE plans to integrate into its mobile offerings.