Biometric Software Month: 4 Softwares For mCommerce


Mobile Identity Management, Biometrics, Wearable TechSmartphones are versatile devices, and when it comes to biometric software that’s an incredible boon. The slew of embedded technology on a standard phone can be leveraged by software to create multi-factor biometric authentication, and that’s exactly what the most innovative banking apps on the market are doing.

USAA, a financial services company serving customers in the military, has deployed Daon’s biometrics platform in a multimodal capacity to protect its mobile banking app. Using a combination of facial recognition and voice biometrics, the app takes advantage of a device’s front facing camera and microphone to create a two factor authentication solution.

The USAA app was launched earlier this year after a successful pilot and was incredibly well received. According to a case study published by Daon, within only a few weeks of its launch over 100,000 users were on board with the biometrics. Currently the company’s website boasts over 600,000 enrolled users.

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