Biometric Software Month: 4 Softwares For mCommerce

Wells Fargo

Biometric Authentication BannersFace and voice biometrics are also the modalities that have been chosen by Wells Fargo for its mobile app. The major financial institution was in the news in June with announcements that it is aiming to deploy the multi-factor biometric security for user login. Users will take a selfie and read a series of numbers aloud so to be authenticated by voice recognition courtesy of SpeechPro. The aim is customer convenience, as proper password and PIN practices have had a particularly rough time making the transition from keyboard to touchscreen.

Those who have been following Wells Fargo’s long courtship with biometrics will have been surprised by its choice of biometric modalities, as the financial institution embraced EyeVerify last year, supporting the eye vein recognition company as part of its startup accelerator. And sure enough eye vein recognition isn’t out of the big picture either, as Wells Fargo recently announced that the modality is planned to be launched for customers early next year. It’s a testament to the flexibility of biometric software: there’s always room for more.

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