Biometric Software Month: 4 Softwares For mCommerce

The System Works Group

Eye_iris-620x350Customers of the Australian financial services provider The System Works Group don’t need to wait a year to authenticate banking transactions with their eyeballs. TSWG’s NetTeller Mobile Money app, available for iOS and Android, replaced its PINs with Eyeprint recognition in April of 2014, allowing customers to make transfers, check accounts and pay bills or contacts under the protection of vascular biometric software. EyeVerify is also currently being integrated into TSWG’s Zap App.

The System Works Group, like other financial institutions, sees the value in biometrics for banking. As a party that serves a diverse range of clients, all with their own preference of mobile device, biometric software on both major operating systems  is an obvious choice. Not everybody’s phone has Touch ID, but you would be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t have a camera.


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