New 4G LTE SIM Cards Could Foster IoT Connectivity

Safran has announced the launch of new 4G LTE SIM cards. Dubbed the “LTE Ultra Release 12” cards, they could help to foster growth in the emerging Internet of Things.

New 4G LTE SIM Cards Could Foster IoT ConnectivityThe SIM cards enable improved GPS, direct phone-to-phone communication, and what Safran calls ‘always on’ power optimization. They also feature TUAK and SHA-3 cryptography allowing for greater security, and they support older networks including 2G.

In a statement announcing the new SIMs, Safran Identity & Security Telecom Business Unit VP Yves Portalier asserted that they’re “the world’s first new generation of LTE Ultra Release 12 cards,” and that they’ll “smooth the way to exploit all the new opportunities LTE brings to the IoT and consumer device markets.”

Safran has been busy working to position itself as a SIM technology leader ahead of the emergence of the IoT. While other companies are already exploring 5G technology, Safran’s latest 4G LTE cards should have a more immediate impact in network communications.