A Second Type of Invisibility: ValidSoft Granted Patent for Dual SSID Wireless Authentication

As mobility continues down the high speed freeway towards new , safer and more convenient methods of identity authentication, a term that keeps popping up is “friction.” Friction, in the world of mobile security, refers to the amount of work on an end user’s part that goes into being positively identified as an authorized person to operate a device, perform a transaction or access an area (either virtual or physical). The lower the friction, the better the chance of widespread adoption, as long as there is also the promise of greater security.

In this sort of “survival of the frictionless” scenario, the most appealing solutions that are being offered up are described as invisible. These are additional factors used in conjunction with standard security processes (fingerprint biometrics, iris scanning, OTPs, tokens, etc.) that act passively. Most frequently these involve biometrics that can constantly be measured throughout a transaction – like voiceprint, walking gate or keystroke – and if the input matches the template, a user doesn’t even interact with security. If a flag is raised, however, additional obstacles can be placed in front of the possible intruder, turning what seemed like an empty corridor into a gridlocked downtown street.

Sometimes, friction is a necessary evil. There are documents and records that require the kind of security that simply can’t be hidden. At least for now. There is a second kind of invisibility in mobile security that might soon be entering onto the scene, and it stands to have unauthorized persons looking in all the wrong places.

ValidSoft has just been granted a UK patent for IP that will be able to facilitate this kind of mobile security. It’s Dual-Wireless Network Authentication System (Dual SSID) allows for a visible wireless network to offer credentials to an authenticated device, which can at that point access a second, highly secure invisible network. This effectively hides the logical access point for devices wanting access to networks in workplaces that are required to have extremely high levels of security.

With this new idea for mobile logical access control, ValidSoft has an additional level of security that is perfect for BYOD resistant industries like finance and healthcare. Combined with additional authentication factors, the Dual SSID can help add assurance and efficiency where it’s most needed: in workplaces where security trumps convenience.