Accenture Helps Electric Ireland Develop Smart Home Solutions

Accenture Helps Electric Ireland Develop Smart Home SolutionsElectric Ireland, one of that country’s leading electricity companies, has partnered with Accenture to bring the smart home to its customers.

The project will unfold through a series of pilot projects via the utility’s Electric Ireland Smarter Living Panel, a program with 600 participants testing out new home energy solutions and offering the company substantial feedback. Accenture’s Internet of Things arm will supply new technologies for these participants to test using the company’s Accenture Connected Home Services suite.

Those technologies will include things like smart plugs that can track electricity use and mobile and web apps that let customers monitor their energy use. Electric Ireland and Accenture say that the next phases of this trail will also introduce smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s all part of the increasingly popular concept of the smart home, which leverages connected Internet of Things devices to enable sophisticated digital and even mobile management of one’s home. Accenture has technological expertise and experience in both major infrastructure projects and advanced IoT solutions, and as such could be a valuable partner in helping Electric Ireland pursue the smart home of the future.