Post-Acquisition, EyeVerify is Scaling Up, Increasing Staff

In the wake of its acquisition by Alipay operator Ant Financial, EyeVerify is scaling up.

Post-Acquisition, EyeVerify is Scaling Up, Increasing StaffThe Eyeprint ID company has announced plans to increase its staff at its headquarters in Kansas City, where it’s going to “expand its relationship with the University of Missouri Kansas City” and “draw from the extensive local talent pool of engineers and scientists” over the coming months, according to a statement. That effort comes after an expansion period that saw its team double over the past year and a half.

Meanwhile, it’s aiming for a bit of cross-pollination with the talent from Ant Financial, with plans to bring engineers from the China-based company to Kansas City, and to send interested American employees to Ant Financial’s offices in Hangzhou.

The efforts may help the company to maintain or even accelerate the dynamism that has allowed it to capture the attention of the FinTech sector with its eye vein-based mobile biometric authentication technology after its major acquisition. They’re also clearly intended to signal that while EyeVerify has some major new backing, it’s still committed to the tech community in which it developed.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)