ActiveIRIS 3.0 Used in Fujitsu’s New Iris Scanning Phone

Delta ID has upgraded its ActiveIRIS iris biometrics technology, with version 3.0 now being used in the latest smartphone from Fujitsu and NTT DoCoMo, the Arrows NX F-01J.

Upgraded ActiveIRIS Tech Almost Twice as FastIt’s the same technological platform upon which the world’s first iris scanning smartphone, last summer’s Arrows NX F-04G, was based, with ActiveIRIS being used again in the follow-up NX F-02H released in the autumn of 2015. But the new version offers some considerable improvements: Delta ID says that independent testing found the device to be nearly twice as fast as its iteration in the NX F-02H, and that it had a 99.7 percent accuracy indoors and a 90 percent accuracy in challenging environments such as under sunlight outdoors.

In a statement announcing the new iteration, Fujitsu Connected Technologies President Katsumi Takada called iris scanning “an extremely popular feature in Fujitsu-manufactured smartphones”. Indeed, it may soon be a highly popular modality across the mobile market, with Samsung reportedly committing to the technology for its new mobile devices and Apple reportedly developing its own such system for next year’s new iPhone.

ActiveIRIS 3.0 arrives not long after the company received certification to provide iris technology for Aadhaar, opening an avenue to what could be a major new market for the company.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)