A&D Medical Hooks Up with HealthKit

vital biometrics and wearable techRemote care solutions provider A&D Medical has launched a free app that will connect and share information with Apple’s HealthKit. The app, A&D Connect, offers users the ability to aggregate their health data in one convenient place, syncing data on calories, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, and perambulation. Moreover, the app will also link to data provided by A&D’s Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitors and weight scales, and Salutron LifeTrak activity trackers.
There has been a lot of this kind of consolidation lately. Due in large part to the biometrics revolution, there’s been a huge growth in activity in the field of remote care, with myriad product and service providers popping up with new solutions.
As more and more biometric devices collect information – from clinical-grade technology to everyday fitness-trackers – users are left with a growing wealth of decentralized and fragmentary information. And so lots of these companies are now trying to consolidate their own datasets, or else teaming up with partners to make it more manageable. It’s a logical response to the situation, and in A&D’s case, will likely help to please current customers and attract new ones.