Addtional MorphoIDent Units Deployed by Mesa, Arizona Police Department

Following last year’s pilot deployment of six MorphoIDent mobile biometric identification units in patrol vehicles, the Mesa, Arizona Police Department has purchased an additional 30 fingerprint capture devices from Morpho (Safran)’s U.S. subsidiary MorphoTrak.

“They now have enough MorphoIDent devices to cover all three of their daily patrol shifts in all four of their geographical districts, seven days a week. MorphoIDent is a great tool for us, and functions as a force-multiplier,” said the executive director of intelligence-led policing at Mesa PD, Bill Kalaf.

The MorphoIDent is designed to make law enforcement in the field more efficient: allowing officers to perform accurate biometrics-based identity checks by scanning the fingerprints of their subjects, making it possible to positively ID wanted or dangerous suspects and people lying about their true identity. All of this is done without bringing the subject to the station, saving the time of both the police force and the person who’s fingerprints are being compared to the criminal databases made accessible by the MorphoIDent, which has the ability to interface with the FBI’s Repository of Individuals of Special Concern (RISC).

Because the Mesa PD already had access to its original MorphoIDents, the instant RISC came online in Arizona, the law enforcement agency gained access to a database that includes roughly 2 million records of known or suspected terrorists, sex offender registry subjects and other wanted persons, whether they be a known Arizona offender, or a delinquent from another state. Now that the additional purchase has been made, Mesa will bennefit from around the clock policing, with identity verification now a mobile reality.

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