Advisory Service Will Look at Digital Health Market

vital biometrics and wearable techMarket research firm Tractica has launched another market advisory service, this time specializing in the world of digital health technologies. The Digital Health Advisory Service will offer market intelligence in the areas of healthcare information systems, remote care, mobile health technologies and wearables, fitness trackers, robotics, AI, and data analytics – all on a subscription basis.

It’s an area where the firm sees a lot of potential. According to principal analyst Charul Vyas, digital technologies “will have a transformative effect on the entire healthcare ecosystem in the years ahead,” with a number of vendors offering solutions as healthcare providers face pressure “to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of delivering care.” Indeed, while contemporary digital technologies are undoubtedly impactful in their capabilities, they are also increasingly being promoted as cost-saving solutions that can help healthcare providers operate more efficiently.

What Tractica is offering, Vyas says, is “objective market analysis to help industry stakeholders sort out the reality from the hype.” And there is a lot of hype, given the possibilities emerging with biometric and mobile technologies. Tractica’s service will look at case studies, market drivers and blocks, segmentation, and so on, providing an overall view that can help organizations steer their solutions through an increasingly complex market landscape.