AGNITiO Cheers On the Password’s Demise

Mobile ID Industry News Roundup: PayPal Leadership, Touch ID and Concern Versus ActionSociety is edging closer and closer toward the end of the password, and AGNITiO is cheering us on. Writing on its blog, the company refers to an AFP story that appeared in Business Insider in which biometric technology’s increasing pervasiveness – and acceptance – is discussed.

A lot of the credit goes to Apple for pioneering smartphone-based biometric authentication with its TouchID system over the last several months, which has in turn spurred competitors like Samsung to embrace their own biometric security systems. That consumer-facing technology has been a big help in getting consumers acquainted with biometrics on a massive scale. But the more serious applications of biometric technology have also been getting a spotlight, with such incidents as the hacking attack on JPMorgan Chase drawing attention to the need for multi-factor authentication systems. Now, even federal officials are chiming in, with the White House’s cybersecurity administrator commenting that that he’d “love to kill the password dead as a primary security method because it’s terrible.”

And when it comes to voice biometrics, AGNITiO – which is a specialist in this area – is quick to note that there is a special advantage with respect to revocability. If a fraudster were somehow able to copy a voiceprint for a replay attack, for example, the victim would need only to replace the passphrase to recover security. It’s as simple as speaking a sentence.