AGNITiO Sells KIVOX Mobile Technology To Cirrus Logic

AGNITiO Completes Sale of KIVOX Mobile Tech To Cirrus Logic

AGNITiO has announced it has sold its mobile assets to Cirrus Logic. The deal was completed on July 21, and consists of the voice biometrics company’s KIVOX Mobile technologies. This includes the KIVOX Mobile software development kit and all related intellectual properties.

The sale does not include, however, the technology and IP from AGNITiO’s server based commercial business which authenticates call center customers from any phone they are using. KIVOX 360, for instance – which allows for AGNITiO’s customers to use a voice print created during a call center call to authenticate the user later in the cloud, through a mobile device or via a website – will still be offered by the company.

KIVOX Mobile technology allows for AGNITiO’s voice biometrics engine to be deployed on mobile devices for security and authentication purposes. Adhering to FIDO specifications, the mobile technology allows for on-device voice matching.

The move comes after years of investigation into the mobile segment on AGNITiO’s part. According to the company, it has become clear that its embedded and mobile voice biometrics algorithms are most naturally suited to the audio pathway. Cirrus Logic, with its history and strong portfolio, is the ideal company to bring this technology to the market.

“In a very short space of time we generated an enormous amount of interest in our voice biometrics SDK, securing significant traction with several global leaders in the space, and building a very high value business,” says Andrew Humber, Senior Director Marketing Communication at AGNITiO. “Frankly, it was only a matter of time before one of the partners we engaged with during this time expressed an interest in owning it.”

Looking beyond this deal with Cirrus Logic, AGNITiO will be better focused on its core business areas, namely: government and server based commercial markets. AGNITiO is rapidly growing in these areas and some of the proceeds from the sale of its mobile properties will be used to accelerate this growth.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)