AGNITiO to Talk, Money to Walk, at Money20/20

Sensory Announces Multi-Language Support For Speaker RecognitionVoice biometrics company AGNITiO has announced that it will be an exhibitor at the Money20/20 conference. Taking place in Las Vegas this week, Money20/20 is the largest digital commerce conference in the world.

AGNITiO will be on hand to demonstrate its Voice iD system, a voice authentication platform boasting of 99.9 percent accuracy and featuring anti-spoofing technology that can detect replay attacks with an accuracy rate of up to 97 percent. AGNITiO’s reputation is bolstered by its having co-ounded the FIDO Alliance, an industry regulator striving to establish biometric security standards.

There is a growing intersection between commerce and biometrics as transactions move increasingly into the online world. Banking institutions are increasingly adopting voice biometrics as an added layer of security and convenience for their online banking services, while market trends indicate that more and more consumers are paying for products using their mobile devices, which is going to require greater biometric security as fraudsters follow suit. At Money20/20, AGNITiO has an opportunity to market its services to conference attendees while also making a case more broadly for biometric security as a whole.