AI Boom Extends to the Call Center with New Avaya Program

Call center and communications solutions provider Avaya has announced a new initiative aimed at offering artificial intelligence solutions to its customers. It’s called A.I.Connect.

AI Boom Extends to the Call Center with New Avaya ProgramA number of AI-focused partners will deliver these solutions. Two of them, Afiniti and Scoredata, will help clients to analyze extensive customer data including demographic information and “historical interactions”, according to a statement from Avaya. Meanwhile, Nuance technology will enable voice interaction, and Cogito technology will analyze behavioral cues in customers and offer agents real-time guidance on how to interact with them.

Additionally, AI technology from will be used to help automate repetitive tasks, while EXP360 will bring to the table VR solutions to help agents address customer issues; and Arrow System Integration will provide general AI assistance to program participants.

The initiative arrives during a boom in AI technology as major companies across the tech sector deepen their investments in this area. For Avaya’s part, Alliances & Partnerships VP Eric Rossman says that more A.I.Connect partners will be announced “in the coming weeks,” suggesting that Avaya’s interest in AI also runs deep, and that a range of innovative AI solutions for the call center are in the pipeline.