AI System Trains Itself on Japanese Cab Drivers’ Behaviors and Biometrics

Intel and Accenture have teamed up with a Japanese insurance agency and Japan’s biggest taxi cab company to develop AI technology that can help to improve safety on the road.

AI System Trains Itself on Japanese Cab Drivers' Behaviors and BiometricsIt’s a complex project. Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance’s role is to collect data from the taxi cabs of Daiichi Kotsu using mounted cameras and even biometric sensors for drivers willing to have their cardiac information collected. That data is then to be processed on Intel’s cloud-based IoT Platform Reference Architecture, with Accenture’s deep learning analytics technology combing through the information to assess driver behavior. The aim is to develop algorithm software that can produce an accident risk assessment for each driver analyzed.

The companies have revealed that they already established a proof of concept this past March based on data from 100 taxi drivers, in which Accenture’s AI system was able to identify signs of drivers’ fatigue.

It’s another sign of the growing use of sophisticated IT and biometric technology in the automotive sector, particularly as smart cars evolve to produce more data. And more broadly, it’s another demonstration of major companies’ growing investments in AI and Internet of Things technologies.