AimBrain Authenticator Comes to BlackBerry Marketplace

The AimBrain Authenticator app is now available in the BlackBerry Marketplace, AimBrain has announced.

AimBrain Authenticator Comes to BlackBerry MarketplaceThe development means that BlackBerry Dynamics users can now easily implement AimBrain’s facial and voice recognition technology, with server-side biometric authentication ensuring that it’s the actual person being identified, and not the device. The system also incorporates a layer of behavioral biometrics, allowing it to assess patterns in the user’s actions in order to add extra accuracy to identification.

In a statement announcing the integration of AimBrain Authenticator into the BlackBerry Marketplace, BlackBerry SVP and Chief Evangelist Mark Wilson called it “a timely and welcome addition”, adding, “Biometric authentication is a significant development in cybersecurity, and we want our global clients to benefit from a simpler, but safer, password-less login.”

The move comes soon after AimBrain’s announcement that it had partnered with iDENprotect to collaborate on a ‘device-plus-identity’ solution, suggesting a rising profile for AimBrain in the digital authentication space.