AppHawk and AirWatch Secure Clients Against Dangers

AirWatch Secures Clients Against Dangers with AppHawkEnterprise mobility management (EMM) platform AirWatch by VMware is adding a powerful new tool to its arsenal. It’s now welcoming an optimized version of Marble Security’s AppHawk.

AppHawk is a security screening system for mobile designed specifically to assess vulnerabilities stemming from apps on a given device. When it detects potentially dangerous apps, it sends alerts to notify the user; and if the high-risk apps are not removed, they are automatically quarantined from connections on the corporate network.

It offers an obvious value to businesses and particularly those employing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, and so it would seem a natural fit for AirWatch. The EMM platform aims to provide to enterprises a security system featuring highly advanced security technology including biometrics, and its maker, VMware, has proven adept at integrating new technological capabilities from partners.

“We look forward to diving into this AirWatch partnership,” said Marble Security SVP Steve Ryan, adding that the two companies have optimized the implementation process so that AppHawk in AirWatch can go live within a half hour. “The two solutions go hand in hand,” he said.