Alexa Device SDK to Extend Reach of Amazon’s AI Platform

Amazon is trying to help developers bring its Alexa voice interaction technology into more devices with a new offering called AVS Device SDK.Alexa Device SDK to Extend Reach of Amazon's AI Platform It’s a software development kit including C++ code libraries meant to help developers easily connect their devices to the Alexa Voice Service, Amazon’s cloud-hosted voice interaction platform.

In a blog post announcing AVS Device SDK, Alexa Voice Service Senior Product Marketing Manager Satish Iyer said Amazon has already been working with over 50 companies in a beta program, including Technicolor and smart home startup Senic. Commenting on his company’s experience, Technicolor SVP Alan Mottram lauded the flexibility of AVS Device SDK, saying, “we’ve been able to quickly and easily integrate Alexa into our software platform.”

It’s the latest step in Amazon’s effort to extend the reach of its Alexa platform as voice-based interaction becomes increasingly important for consumer devices, with the company having launched the Alexa Skills Kit in 2015 and its Amazon Lex program earlier this year, after a trial program in 2016. Now, even as rival device makers are starting to integrate Alexa into their own offerings, Amazon appears intent on bringing its platform to even more products and services.

Source: Alexa Blogs