Alexa Finally Gets a Body in the New Lynx Robot

Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant has long been offering users help as a disembodied voice, but now it has finally found its way into a humanoid robot in UBTECH’s Lynx.

Alexa Finally Gets a Body in the New Lynx RobotStanding at roughly two feet tall, the robot looks somewhat like an all-white Astro Boy. Responding to voice commands, it can perform the usual Alexa functions, such as playing music, scheduling events in the user’s calendar, and retrieving information from the web. But its robotic form allows it to do some special tasks, too: It can dance, take photos, offer yoga lessons, and walk around the user’s home.

According to UBTECH, a China-based robotics specialist, Lynx can also detect sound and movement within a given room, and can be used to remotely send users video clips of what it sees. And with a connected app, users can take advantage of this technology to remotely check in on pets or see what’s going on at home generally.

It’s the kind of thing that was considered science fiction just a couple of decades ago, but the sophisticated technology does come at a high cost, with Lynx priced at $799.99 on Amazon. Still, with a lot of consumers willing to pay a thousand dollars for a smartphone, an actual robot for the home could very well wind up on a number of holiday wish lists.