Alexa Takes Up Residence in New Smartwatch

Amazon is moving into smartwatches with a new device integrating its Alexa voice-controlled AI assistant.

Alexa Takes Up Residence in New SmartwatchThe device is called the CoWatch, and was developed by Danny Dong, CEO of iMCO. It features a high-resolution touchscreen and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and it also runs on the Cronologics OS, an operating system designed by Google and Android veterans.

Meanwhile, its Alexa AI technology allows for sophisticated voice-based user interaction. The technology has enjoyed a rising profile as it has infiltrated consumers’ homes via the Amazon Echo and, more recently, Fitbit wearable devices.

Given the sophisticated of Amazon’s Alexa technology, it could help to further popularize the smartwatch concept in the mass market, which has so far been hesitant to fully embrace devices like the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear S2. It may also spur other companies to enter the smartwatch market, with Google being a particularly notable potential contender, given its own advanced speech recognition technology.