Alignment and Vivify Team Up to Deliver Home Care

vital biometrics and wearable techAlignment Healthcare (AHC), a company specializing in population health management, has teamed up with Vivify Health to develop a secure remote care platform. The partnership will see AHC patients equipped with Vivify tech kits for cloud-based remote care.
In their Vivify kits AHC patients will find Samsung tablets that have been paired with Bluetooth-enabled biometric health devices such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure devices, and scales. Patients’ biometric data will be transmitted to the Alignment Healthcare Command Center and will thence allow for constant monitoring with automatic alerts when intervention from a medical professional is required. And that intervention, too, can be done remotely, when appropriate, via embedded video conferencing.
In a statement, AHC CIO Kerry Matsumoto was keen to assuage any security concerns that might arise about such a remote care system, emphasizing that the patient’s “entire data flow is fully encrypted and secure from the in-home patient device to the tablet, through to the Vivify Portal and arrives real-time into the AHC Command Center portal.”
The partnership appears to validate the funding that Vivify received last fall from its partnerships with Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings and Envision Healthcare Holdings, which allowed the company to further develop its healthcare platform. Improvements in both biometric and mobile technology are driving a kind of revolution in the field of remote care, and for Vivify as well as many others, that revolution is paying off.