AllSeen Alliance Launches IoT Certification Program

AllSeen Alliance Launches IoT Certification ProgramThe AllSeen Alliance has announced a new certification program for Internet of Things products. Called AllJoyn Certified, the program is designed to ensure compatibility between products and services based on AllSeen’s AllJoyn open source software.

The AllSeen Alliance is a cross-industry collaborative group seeking to establish common standards to promote growth in the nascent Internet of Things, which has enormous market potential but faces the considerable challenge of establishing interoperability between the myriad devices comprising it. AllSeen has so far been successful in attracting a number of important players to its ranks, including big names like Philips and Canon; and in working to develop an open source software platform, the company has made strides toward its overall goals. Now, with the AllJoyn Certified program, AllSeen will have a set of specifications that could dramatically shape the way IoT devices and applications are designed and ensure that they can work together.

To that end, AllSeen is starting the program off with very high-profile subjects: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Professional and its Surface Pro 3, both of which are among the first to be certified under the new program. Notably, Windows 10 features built-in biometric security via Windows Hello, suggesting that the incorporating of this kind of sophisticated security could become standard for numerous other IoT devices seeking AllJoyn certification.