AllSeen Alliance Welcomes 20 New Members

The AllSeen AllianceAllSeen Alliance Welcomes 20 New Members, a conglomeration of various stakeholders in the Internet of Things (which it calls the ‘Internet of Everything’) continues its rapid growth. The Alliance has announced that 20 new members have joined its ranks.

Among the new members are major telecom interests like Vodafone and ZTE, hardware developers like ASUSTek, and software developers such as Incognito Software. The diversity of the participating organizations underlines the cross-industrial nature of the Alliance, which seeks to bring together companies, even when they are competitors, to work on standards for the burgeoning IoT.

In a press release announcing the new Alliance members, AllSeen senior director Philip DesAutels explained that rivalries between members “are being put aside” since Alliance members “all want the same thing – open interoperability – and the members of the AllSeen Alliance understand that collaborative development is the only way to get there.”

The numbers of new members that the AllSeen Alliance has welcomed lately are encouraging. While there’s massive potential in the IoT market, industry experts have warned about the lack of industry-wide standards and the difficulties that is going to present in areas like security, interoperability, market longevity, and so on. Many of the bigger organizations involved in the IoT are starting to take this issue seriously, introducing platforms upon which third-party companies can build without the massive expenditures and costs that would otherwise be entailed.