Ally Bank Embraces mPayments

Another US bank is now offering Apple Pay support: Customers of Ally Financial subsidiary Ally Bank can now use their payment cards with the prominent mPayment platform.

Ally Bank Embraces mPaymentsIn a statement announcing the support, the bank emphasized the security and particularly the convenience of Apple Pay. Ally Bank CEO Diane Morais explained that with “the growing use of mobile devices, offering Apple Pay to our customers is yet another way we are making banking convenient and simple.” Morais added that the bank will also offer support for Android Pay and Samsung Pay, Apple Pay’s two main rivals, later in the year.

The support further cements Apple Pay’s strong base of financial institution supporters in the US, which now exceed a thousand; indeed, Apple’s main goal now is likely to focus on further building its merchant partnerships. But Ally Bank’s promised support for the other major mPayment platforms also indicates the growing prominence of mobile payments in the US, and hints that mainstream adoption could be in the cards for the near future.