Ally Bank Pushes Ahead With Mobile, Wearable Initiatives

Ally Bank Pushes Ahead With Mobile, Wearable InitiativesAlly Bank is pushing ahead with multiple mobile initiatives, the most immediate being Touch ID login and a new Android Wear app.

As with so many other banks that have adopted Touch ID fingerprint scanning login for their mobile apps, the bank emphasized the speed and security of the system in a press release. The feature lets users do away with passcodes entirely when accessing their account information from Apple’s newer mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the Android Wear app is something of a novelty in the financial services world, though Ally Bank did release a similar app for the Apple Watch last fall. The name —Android Wear ATM Locator—pretty much sums up its functionality, offering Android smartwatch users information including ATM addresses, distances, and directions.

The bank says it’s also working on introducing mPayment support for all the major platforms—Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. The latter is set to debut first, and while Ally Bank hasn’t yet offered a timeframe for its launch, given that so many other financial institutions have already come on board for Apple Pay, there’s good reason to expect Ally Bank’s support to go live soon.

Commenting on all these developments in a press release, the CEO of Ally Bank’s direct banking subsidiary Ally Financial, Diane Morais, said that they are all “simply part of our ongoing drive to meet growing consumer demands for mobile-related services.”