Amazon Joins Identification Alliance

Amazon has joined AIM, a global industry association concerned with what it calls the ‘automatic identification industry’. Like the increasingly popular FIDO Alliance, AIM offers its members resources and standards, at least some of which have been adopted by the International Standards Organization.Amazon Joins Identification Alliance

In a statement announcing Amazon’s joining the ranks, AIM COO Mary Lou Bosco asserted, “Throughout the past several years we have seen remarkable advancements in both innovation and technology, due in great part to the work being done in the industry by AIM member companies,” and added that Amazon could thus have a strong impact. “Having the opportunity to engage a global powerhouse such as Amazon will benefit not only AIM and its members, but end users and consumers alike,” she said.

It isn’t clear what specifically Amazon’s aim is in joining AIM, but it is perhaps worth noting that its Alexa platform is one of a number of voice-based AI assistants that are playing an increasingly central role in consumers’ connected homes, and rivals like Apple are working on technologies that will make their own systems better able to identify users. It’s possible that Amazon has such a target in mind as it begins its formal relationship with AIM’s identification alliance.