Amazon Joins mPayment Selfie Authentication Race

Amazon is now seeking a patent for its own selfie-based payment authentication system.

Amazon Joins mPayment Selfie Authentication RaceThe patent application illustrates how a user’s facial biometrics could be used as a password replacement when authorizing mobile payments. Moreover, it includes a liveness detection system that would ask a user to “perform certain actions, motions, or gestures” during the authentication process.

Selfie-based authentication is an increasingly popular concept. MasterCard recently announced its own ‘Selfie Pay’ solution, and Morpho (Safran) recently licensed its own selfie authentication technology to Samsung for its Android mobile devices; meanwhile, data security specialist VASCO plans to demonstrate a selfie authentication system it is developing at this year’s CeBIT conference.

There are likely many reasons why the concept has quickly caught fire, but the key factors are likely the increasing ubiquity of biometric authentication (and front-facing cameras) on mobile devices, and the rise of mPayment platforms like Apple Pay.

Source: Re/Code