Amazon Pay Now Available To Alexa For In-App Purchases

Amazon Pay is coming to Alexa for in-app payments, continuing the conversation about voice controlled assistants and purchasing. Amazon Pay Now Available To Alexa For In-App PurchasesThis announcement means third-party developers and business can now accept Amazon Pay for in-app purchases from the Alexa Skills store. Several developers plan to incorporate this skill as a new in-app payment option. With the addition of Amazon Pay into third-party skills, this heralds what could be a push for more major payments for Amazon.

Amazon is making the most noise in voice-controlled market, with over 70 percent of voice controlled speakers used in the U.S. are from the company, according to research firm eMarketer. The popularity of voice activated devices is exploding with a reported 35.6 Americans using a voice activated devices this year, a whopping 128.9 percent more than in 2016. With this rapid rise in the use of voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa stands to make over $10 billion dollars by the year 2020.

Voice-controlled speakers are only a piece of the puzzle for Amazon. The company is working to promote the AI assistant with an Amazon mobile shopping app, which will also be available to third-parties on both software and hardware applications. Voice activated banking is also on Amazon’s horizon with the popularity of sending funds or managing accounts via voice assistants on the rise, with a considerable shift towards voice-activation and how we see — or rather, speak about — our money.

Source: Business Insider, eMarketer via TechCrunch