AMC Health Partners with Qualcomm to Offer Biometric Patient Monitoring

vital biometrics and wearable techAMC Health, a provider of chronic patient management solutions in the healthcare field, has announced a partnership with Qualcomm Life, Inc. that will see the latter’s biometric technology integrated into AMC Health’s CareConsole platform. The patient monitoring and management platform will use Qualcomm’s suite of 2net products – 2net Platform, 2net Mobile, and 2net Hub – to collect and aggregate patients’ biometric data in real time.

The technology will be used to manage patients with a range of conditions, with a particular focus on those suffering from diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, asthma or COPD. The CareConsole is designed to monitor patients and send their data to healthcare providers in a seamless, real-time process that places a focus on those most in need of urgent care. Given the continually advancing capabilities of biometric technology, the integration of Qualcomm’s 2net solutions offers obvious and immediate upgrades to the platform.

It’s another addition to a rapidly expanding market of remote care platforms, and isn’t the first such partnership on Qualcomm’s part. That’s not to say that the market is overcrowded: Mobile technology, and particularly mobile biometrics, has helped to spur a kind of revolution in remote care that is continuing to grow and expand.