AMC Health Platform Found to Meet CFR Title 21 Requirements

AMC Health Platform Found to Meet CFR Title 21 RequirementsAMC Health’s Quality Management System has undergone a third-party review to great success, the company has announced. The review found that the telehealth platform met the 21 CFR 820 and 21 CFR 11 requirements – the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations standards.

In a statement, AMC Health said the review was conducted by a third-party, “independent firm specializing in the integration of quality assurance/regulatory compliance and business operations in the Life Sciences market”. The firm came away with no qualms.

AMC Health sees the review as a major validation of its Clinical Trials solution, which aims to connect patients with healthcare professionals through ‘video visits’ that allow for the transmission of subjective and biometric data. In a statement, AMC Health Clinical Trials Division President Michael O’Brien said it “marks an important achievement in the company’s efforts to validate its telehealth platform for the Clinical Trials marketplace.”

The company has been busy refining its telehealth technology while also building its brand in the healthcare market via efforts such as a clinical study on the benefits of its technology. This latest validation should add a further boost to the company’s credibility as it continues to position itself in the growing telehealth and remote care market.