Amex Says Apple Pay Support Coming to Canada, Australia This Year

Amex Says Apple Pay Support Coming to Canada, Australia This YearAmerican Express is heralding the arrival of Apple Pay in Canada and Australia. The company has announced that its cardholders in those countries will be able to use the mPayment platform by the end of this year, with support extending to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Spain next year.

In a press release, American Express VP Tony Prentice was keen to present the move as early adoption of cutting edge technology. “We believe it is critical to be on the forefront of seamless and innovative payment solutions for our Card Members and we are pleased to be able to deliver on that with Apple Pay,” he said.

More subtle signals have appeared from elsewhere about the looming spread of Apple Pay. Canada’s TD Bank, for example, suffered a leak through its website when a page was accidentally published featuring language related to Apple Pay support. Meanwhile, Australia seemed a more distant market earlier this year as its major banks expressed vehement opposition to the service’s introduction; that situation is clearly evolving, however, and it’s possible that analysts there have drawn similar conclusions to those looking at Canada who have concluded that Apple Pay would have a minimal impact on local banking services.

Whatever the case may be, American Express’s language is quite clear that Canadian and Australian launches are expected this year, and that will be good news for Apple and its users in those countries, at the very least.