Amex Lets Users Scan Fingers for Mobile App Login

Touch IDAmerican Express has fully embraced Apple devices’ fingerprint-scanning technology for user authentication, according to a 9to5Mac article by Jordan Kahn. Customers can now use the TouchID scanner on their iPhones and iPads to log in to the Amex Mobile app.

It’s a bold, forward-thinking step, but also likely an inevitable one. With the introduction of its TouchID system and its integration into the Apple Pay mCommerce platform (enabled in part by an Amex partnership) over the past year, Apple has pioneered the use of biometric authentication for users engaged in financial transaction through their mobile devices, and possibly even begun to ensure its ubiquity. Recognizing the advancing consumer expectations in a rapidly evolving market, MasterCard and Visa have been looking at how they can integrate biometric security into their own services and platforms, with MasterCard developing a fingerprint-scanning credit card for release in 2015.

It’s all part of a general trend towards greater biometric security in the mobile world – and justifiably so: Recent reports have confirmed the migration of fraud into the realms of digital commerce and banking, as well as somewhat negligent attitudes on the part of consumers towards their own digital security. Those attitudes are going to change as fraud ramps up, and it’s likely a wise move for companies to get a step ahead by starting to embrace biometric security now.