Amid Apple Watch Fanfare, Samsung Leaks More Details on Gear A

The Samsung Gear S, which was released last fall.

The Samsung Gear S, which was released last fall.

As its previously-released and modestly successful smartwatches are eclipsed by today’s launch of the Apple Watch, Samsung has revealed a few more details about a new smartwatch of its own on its blog, according to a Reuters report.

Samsung has revealed that its forthcoming Gear A smartwatch will feature a round face, that the company will be sending out wearable SDKs for third-party developers, and that it has partnered with some major allies including Yelp, Baidu, and CNN. And it’s worth noting that the company has some experience in this area, having launched its own smartwatches long before Apple did; according to the Reuters report, market research company IHS believes that Samsung’s products accounted for almost a million of the 3.6 million smartwatches sold last year.

Meanwhile, Apple fans are flocking to buy that company’s new smartwatch, which could actually help to boost the prospects of its rivals. And that might prove to be particularly helpful to Samsung, since the company’s Gear A will reportedly not require pairing with any other devices in order to work, unlike the Apple Watch, which must be synced with an iPhone – in other words, it’s targeting the huge consumer demographic that Apple is ignoring.

Samsung is so far being tight-lipped with further details about the Gear A, but given that a company executive previously suggested that it’s coming to the market soon, we can expect to hear more details as the Apple Watch winds down its course through the media.