AMREL Launches Customizable Rugged Android Tablet

Fingerprint protection icons on green background.Rugged mobile device maker AMREL has launched a new, durable product. Called the Flexpedient AT80, it’s a versatile Android tablet featuring an 8″ display.

As with other recent products, AMREL says it turned to aviation engineering in the development of the Flexpedient AT80, using specialized design to ensure that the device is “lightweight, durable, and reliable,” as AMREL Product Engineering Manager James Gathings put it in a statement. He added that aircraft must be designed to absorb numerous extreme conditions, and as such they offered relevant principles for the design of AMREL’s new tablet, as in the case of its frame, which “is made from aluminum with most components keyed or trapped in place and all fasteners serving dual purpose.”

It’s also highly customizable – again echoing recent AMREL offerings – with the capacity to be modified easily and at little expense, allowing AMREL to rapidly prototype custom designs, and enabling clients to go ahead with those designs even for low volume production. For example, Gathings asserts that the company was able to “add a two-finger biometric scanner to the tablet in less than one week.”

Such modifications could prove popular, especially as consumers and business leaders alike take note of the importance of data security. With the Flexpedient AT80 having potential deployments in a range of fields, from the military to heavy industry, client organizations may indeed opt to add their own security modifications to the durable device.