Amwell Teams with Apple HealthKit to Help Chronic Patients

vital biometrics and wearable tech

Vital biometrics and mobile devices are enabling patients to receive 24 hour health monitoring while freeing up bed space in hospitals.

E-health firm American Well has launched its Amwell app for iOS 8, which will integrate with Apple’s HealthKit platform to provide users with a telehealth-like service via their mobile devices.
Apple’s HealthKit collects biometric data from various other iOS-compatible apps, allowing users to track important health metrics such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. The Amwell app will use such data to assist sufferers of chronic conditions by transmitting their data directly to their healthcare professionals. For many such conditions, such data was previously unreachable without a physical visit to a healthcare provider. While this should provide greater convenience for all patients, American Well points out that it will be of particular benefit to home-bound patients.
With Apple’s HealthKit having floundered somewhat due to technical issues after its launch, and the iOS e-health market open to competition such as the HealthLoop app, Amwell will have its work cut out for it in attracting users’ attention.