Analysts Remain Upbeat After Apple’s ‘Disappointing’ Q2

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsApple posted disappointing Q2 figures and was duly punished by shareholders, but there remains a high level of excitement among analysts, according to a Reuters report.

Despite having increased by 19 percent over the course of this year, the company’s shares went down 5.5 percent after the company posted its results. That represents a sizeable $50 billion in market value, and is widely seen as a reflection of investors’ frustration with the company’s inability to meet sales forecasts.

But it’s important to contextualize the allegedly disappointing Q2 performance, particularly with respect to its flagship iPhone devices: Yes, their sales didn’t meet expectations, but overall iPhone sales still increased by 35 percent, and in China they more than doubled. That continues the great success seen in the company’s initial sales of its latest iPhone 6 smartphones.

That’s part of the reason why market analysts remain so upbeat about the company, with 37 of 48 analysts suggesting investors buy stocks and 10 suggesting holding them. Another part of it is what’s in the pipeline: There seems to be an Apple TV revamp on the way; new iPhones are expected this autumn; and everyone’s trying to figure out what’s going on with the Apple Watch, about which Apple has been stubbornly reticent. That last point could be cause for frustration among some investors, but given the excitement surround the emergence of the smartwatch, it’s still quite possible that Apple will eventually have some good news to report on that front. And the rumors that a sequel is in the works are also encouraging.

Source: Reuters