News Roundup: Android, Intel, Internet of Things

Last week at Mobile ID World FIDO made major news again with yet another high profile company joining its board of directors: Intel. That story led the way as other top headlines molded the discussion around Android devices and software, wearable tech, the Internet of Things, and mobile commerce.

Here is a look back on last week’s biggest news:


News Roundup: Android, Intel, Internet of ThingsAndroid software and devices continued to enjoy a presence in the news the week after Android M’s announcement rocked the mobile world. Details leaked about the next Galaxy S6 smartphone model, reports surfaced about a modified Nexus 5 smartphone with an embedded fingerprint sensor, and a research firm suggested that the newest Galaxy phones may outsell iPhones if luck shines on Samsung’s side.

Google, the company at the heart of all of this news, also patented a novel and futuristic kind of wearable tech: iris scanning contact lenses.

Samsung Leaks Details of S6 Active

Google Patents Iris-Scanning Contact Lens

Modded Nexus 5 Sports Fingerprint Sensor

LG Looks to Iris Scanning with G5 Smartphone

Galaxy Smartphone Sales Could Overtake iPhone: Counterpoint


Mobile payments

In mobile commerce news last week Wells Fargo announced that it is developing multimodal biometric login for its mobile customers, while the Royal Bank of Canada threw its support behind the biometrics offered by Android M. The mobile wallet wars continued last week too, as a new partnership has enabled in-store PayPal payments in Australia, while Samsung delayed its own mobile wallet release until September. Credence ID, meanwhile, partnered with ADO Technologies to deploy new banking solutions in Panama and Columbia.

Partnership Enables PayPal mPayments in Australia

Wells Fargo Developing Biometric Login for Mobile App

RBC Mobile App to Take Advantage of Android M Biometrics

Samsung Pay Delayed Until September

New Solution Puts Mobile Biometrics in Hands of Bankers

Apple Watch

Apple Watch UberThe Apple Watch was back in the news last week with the promise of  finally making its way to shelves outside of luxury boutiques. The move to the regular ol’ Apple Store may have come too late to relieve the object of its controversial luxury branding, however, as a boastful social media post involving some Apple Watch Editions and a dog provoked anger overseas. Of course, wearable tech has a use outside of differentiating the classes, and that’s why Volvo announced and app that helps Apple Watch users better interface with their car.

New App Makes Apple Watch a Remote Control for Volvo Cars

Apple Watch Social Media Post Provokes Anger in China

Apple Watch Finally Coming to Stores


Fingerprint protection icons on green background. Vector illustration.

In fingerprint biometric news this week, Credence ID technology was deployed in Nigeria to take accountable student attendance in exams. NEXT Biometrics, meanwhile, announced two news distributors: WPG Korea and AqTronics.

NEXT Nets Major Distributor in Asia

Credence ID to Authenticate Student Test-Takers in Nigeria

NEXT Biometrics Secures India Distributor

Internet of Things

PrintJune is Internet of things month here at Mobile ID World, so we started our month-long examination of M2M technology with a primer on the topic. The AllSeen Alliance announced 20 new members this week too, continuing its rapid growth. Microsoft discussed the upcoming Windows 10 ecosystem, touching on IoT applications of the OS, and a new report predicted that the Internet of Things market will break the trillion dollar mark by 2020.

Internet of Things Month: The Primer

IoT Market to Reach $1.7 Trillion by 2020: Report

AllSeen Alliance Welcomes 20 New Members

Microsoft Discusses Windows 10 Tech Ecosystem


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