Android Oreo Takes the Guessing Game Out Of Passwords

As technology introduces more and more opportunities to access digital services, accounts, and functions, online authentication become a more frequent daily occurrence. From ordering groceries to paying off your student debt, the possibilities are vast and seemingly endless.Andriod Oreo Takes the Guessing Game Out Of Passwords

Before mobile devices and speed dial functions, we used to have to memorize the numbers we called most, but now the memory games have shifted to the multiple passwords we have to log in our noggin’. Obviously, using the same password for each function is playing roulette with your safety and security experts recommend complex passwords to ensure safety, but also how are you supposed to remember what password you created when your ordered pizza at 1 am in the morning? You can try “pizza” but you know that’s not secure enough to get past even the most lax of today’s password strength requirements.

Android 8.0 Oreo has come to the rescue with an autofill password manager (similar to LastPass, Dashlane, Keeper, or 1Password). The manager will remember your past passwords and info (like address, credit card number) with your permission so you don’t have to take any guesses.

You can simply apply this to your Android device by going to your settings and selecting the Autofill option. Google is included as an autofill service on all devices running Android 8.0 and above, which allows  you use data you’ve saved in Chrome to fill in passwords, addresses, and other personal information.

There have been other password apps to avoid the barrage of pesky passwords, like Albine’s Blur, the Face ID supported password manager, and technology keeps anticipating our absent mindedness with more and more solutions, we won’t even remember we used to forget. Of course, the hope is that one day soon we will move beyond passwords all together in a future of strong authentication that’s closer than you might think.