Android Pay Launches in Belgium as Rivals March Elsewhere

Android Pay has launched in Belgium.

Android Pay Launches in Belgium as Rivals March ElsewhereThe mobile payments platform arrives in the country with the support of Visa and Mastercard via BNP Paribas Fortis, Fintro, and Hello Bank, with support for debit cards in the pipeline from those institutions as well as CBC/KBC. Official merchant supporters include Carrefour, H&M, McDonald’s, Medi-Market, Media Markt, and Quick, though it should be accepted at any POS terminal supporting NFC.

While rivals Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have launched in more markets, Android Pay’s Belgian launch in notable for being another case in which it has beaten its competitors to a national market, following its success in reaching Ireland at the end of last year.

Nevertheless, its rivals march on. Apple Pay arrived in Ireland this week, and there are signs that it will soon come to Italy and Taiwan. Meanwhile, Samsung launched its mPayment platform in India this week, and started a beta trial in Sweden yesterday.

Sources: Google, AndroidCentral