New Android Pay Option Ghosts Google Play Users

Samsung Announces Second Biometric SmartphoneA new update to the Google Play Services app teases Android Pay functionality. Version 8.1 of the app features a fleeting Android Pay option under its “Tap & pay” selections, but unfortunately the option disappears after being selected.

It’s either a minor design or development error, or a deliberate attempt to offer users a quick glimpse of the mPayment system, whose launch is expected this year, and soon. If the inclusion of the Android Pay option in “Tap & pay” settings was deliberate, it’s likely meant to signal that Google is currently working to implement the system in its applications – which of course would mean that the service’s launch is impending.

And the pressure is on. Samsung’s own mPayment platform, Samsung Pay, now has a launch date of August 20th in South Korea and September 28th in the US. That platform will attempt to dethrone Apple Pay, which has dominated the nascent mPayment market since its launch last fall, and continues to solidify its presence therein. Meanwhile, PayPal is quietly trying to find its footing in the mPayment space, and could soon be serious competition as well.

Google’s Android operating systems are hugely popular in mobile devices around the world, and so the launch of its own mPayment system will likely be hotly anticipated, especially as other platforms help to build consumer awareness of mPayments in general. Many users will be happy when they are eventually able to select the Android Pay payment option on their devices without it disappearing a moment later.

Source: Android Authority