Charitable Promotion Could Boost Android Pay and Special Needs Education

Charitable Promotion Could Boost Android Pay and Special Needs EducationGoogle and its Android Pay mPayment subsidiary have announced a new charitable project to support special needs education in the US. The companies have partnered with to donate up to a million dollars to the cause.

It’s going to be done through Android Pay, with a $1 for each transaction going to the charity until December 31st. And double that amount will be donated on Black Friday, a big day for US consumers as businesses promote various special offers.

It’s a generous charitable effort, but it could also offer a bit of extra publicity to the mPayment platform over the holiday season. Google isn’t alone in trying to leverage the holidays for this kind of visibility, of course; digital payment rival PayPal has recently launched a promotion to cover the return shipping on rejected holiday gifts purchased using its online services.

For Google, it’s an opportunity to make Android Pay stand out as mPayment use ramps up over the holiday season and the company seeks to compete against Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. And given how it could benefit educators and students with special needs, this kind of competition is a welcome complement to the holiday spirit.