Android Pay Tap 10 Promo Rewards Users With Free Songs, Chromecast

Android Pay Tap 10 Promo Rewards Users With Free Songs, ChromecastGoogle is trying to kindle interest in its Android Pay mPayment platform with a generous new promotion called Tap 10.

Essentially, its a rewards program for use of Android Pay. Each time a participant uses Android Pay to make a purchase, she will be offered a free song from the Google Play store, up until 10 purchases, at which point Google will offer the user a free Chromecast, Google’s media streaming device.

There is a catch, of course. The promotion only runs until February 29th, and so far has been offered only to a relatively small number of users, by Google’s own admission; according to TechCrunch, those users are being chosen at random.

Still, it’s an interesting bid to stoke excitement about the mPayment platform, which seems to have languished somewhat in terms of visibility since its launch in the US, at least compared to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Meanwhile, the latter has been more flashy in its attempts to shove Apple Pay out of the spotlight, recently bringing in comedian Hannibal Buress for an amusing ad for the service.

Android Pay has room and time to catch up, however, as the overall mPayment market still appears to be in its nascent stages. There is room for much more excitement, and Android Pay’s new promotion could help to generate some.

Sources: TechCrunch, Droid Life