Another Major Order for FPC Sensors

Fingerprint Cards ABFingerprint Cards (FPC) has announced that it has received another major order of its FPC1025 fingerprint sensors. This order should see the technology shipped in the second quarter of this year, and is valued at 90 MSEK.

This order follows quickly on the heels of another order, announced just last week, valued at 75 MSEK. In both cases the Sweden-based company has indicated that the FPC1025 sensors will be implemented into smartphones from multiple China-based manufacturers.

Given how mobile commerce and payment are starting gain major momentum all over the world, FPC is in a position to benefit from a growing market for fingerprint sensors, as the biometric technology is seen as an important means of securing mobile devices for such activities. Moreover, with a number of mPayment services set to launch in China over the course of the year, FPC’s partnerships in that market are likely to continue to pay off.