Another Tangle in America’s Web of Remote Care Platforms

vital biometrics and wearable techThere’s a new remote care partnership in the hot market of American healthcare. Qualcomm Life, Inc., is going to collaborate with vitaphone to provide a full suite of remote care services.
In a nutshell, the partnership will see Qualcomm Life funnel vitaphone’s chronic disease solutions through its HealthyCircles Care Coordination and 2net Device Connectivity Platforms to agglomerate and coordinate the health and biometric data. Everybody’s doing this. America’s private healthcare system has seen myriad remote care providers begin to integrate the capture of biometric data into their overall platforms – and rightly so, as even everyday mobile devices are now capable of capturing advanced sets of biometric data.
The question is, how is this platform going to differentiate itself from the others? And perhaps more importantly, how is it going to compete with the increasingly sophisticated diagnostic tools offered through smartphones themselves? With platforms like Apple’s Healthkit pioneering a new way of managing healthcare, the market seems poised to change in profound and perhaps unpredictable ways.