Anti-Spoofing is a Key Feature in AGNITiO’s New KIVOX 4.1

agnitio_logoWhen it comes to strong mobile authentication, especially for consumers, one of the biggest commodities is anti-spoofing. Almost immediately after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5S – the proverbial pistol shot that started the race for smartphone biometric solutions – a German hacker group by the name of Chaos Computer Club broke through the biometric Touch ID lock by counterfeiting a fingerprint.

This underlined a serious area of opportunity in mobile identification, namely, liveness detection. In terms of voice biometrics (which have a particularly tall mountain to climb in terms of cultural miss-information) it is key that speech recognition solutions are able to assure protection against what the industry terms “replay attacks.”

AGNITiO has released the newest version of its KIVOX Mobile Platform, and anti-spoofing is a key feature. Running on the company’s Voice iD biometric engine, KIVOX 4.1 keeps the hands free convenience of speech recognition while offering liveness detection that the company says has the ability to immediately detect signs of life. No extra authentication steps, means that the biometric authentication isn’t just a bolstering factor, but is actually fulfilling its promise as a mobile solution.

“Strong authentication is critical to connect users, their devices and the systems they access,” endorses Frank Dickson, Frost & Sullivan Network Security Industry Principal. “AGNITiO Voice iD offers a transparent authentication experience with a high degree of irrefutability and makes mobile transactions quick and easy.”

KIVOX is a FIDO Ready product aimed at consumers, particularly those wanting a streamlined and secure mobile commerce options on phones that don’t sport embedded fingerprint sensors. With the recent release of the HTC One M8, it is clear that consumers have a choice when it comes to authentication methods, and as long as those modes are attacking the issue of spoof-proofing, the average smartphone user can’t lose.